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Lord, I haven't been on here in ages....I am really bad with that.

So, I am in now in my last month in Ireland. TIme has gone by so slow and so fast, it's weird. I'm not sure how I feel about Ireland. I love it here, I really do, but five months by myself has been hard. I feel bad, I haven't made too many friends while I have been here. I had the depression part of culture shock quite bad and for about 2 1/2 months, so by the time I wanted to actually make friends, classes and clubs were over. I am also not into the whole pubbing experience, certainly not by myself, plus with everyone I know not being in my apartment complex I did not feel comfortable walking back by myself (for about 15-20 minutes) at night drunk or not. So I spent most of my time Skyping with my boyfriend. We're still going strong and he's coming over here for my last few weeks soon (in about two). I did travel a little-I went to the Burren and saw a few sites up there and in April I went to Cardiff and London with some friends. They still have the Ianto memorial up. ^_^ London was a bit of a let down, as the person I was with had been there so much (family there) that she was apathetic to everything and really didn't want to see the sites. >.< Oh well, the weather was beautiful. Now I am going to spend the week studying for my finals next week (two out of the three and then my bf gets here!!!)

That's been it for me, not much else going on.

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