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Life and sorts....

 Well, summer is over and the school year starts tomorrow. I am excited-i am hopefully traveling abroad to Ireland for the next semester, as soon as i finish the application. As excited as i am, i am getting kinda depressed. most of the people i hung out with last year are gone-some graduated, some are abroad this term, and others left the school. I miss them a lot and i didn't realize it until i was hanging out with the sophomores last night and saw how close they were, also my room this year seems really empty and it's scaring me. it's the little things in life i guess. calming my self by reading fanfics and listening to Emilie Autumn- who is  coming to Michgan halloween weekend!!!!!!!

On the other hand-OMFG SHERLOCK IS FUCKING AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
Tags: fandoms, life, rambling, sherlock
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