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Meme-from Mrswilson4

 Look at the top 15 artists on your or iTunes and post your favorite song from each one of them. Provide Youtube videos or download links, if you want. That was really hard to pick, particularly a song for EA-I love all her songs! Hopes the cut works!

1) Screaming "Theater" in a Crowded Fire-Schoolyard Heroes

3) Misery Loves Company-Emilie Autumn

4) Until The Day You Die-Abney Park

5) Coin-Operated Boy-The Dresden Dolls

6) At the Gates of Retribution-Krypteria

7) Monster-Skillet

8) Mi Morena-Josh Groban

9) When You Hurt Me the Most-Stream of Passion

10) The Incredibles-Lunatica

11) Ghost Opera-Kamelot

12) Circus ApocalypseVermillion Lies

13) Consign To Oblivion-Epica

14) The Trouble-Birdeastbaby

15) You Put The Devil In Me-Doctor Who Series 3 Soundtrack

16) Father Son & Holy Ghost-Trans Siberian Orchestra
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