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Mon Ange

 I found my angel today! One of my roommate's friends came into our room for an impromptu meditiation session. On a whim I decided to join in, which is something I rarely do. It was amazing I feel so much better now then when I woke up. Afterwards we talked about our experiences and the friend, Eric, talked of seeing an angel he had seen. He wanted to find out whose it was, so he asked me sinceI have never meditiated with him, or really anyone, before. This is what he saw: a black haired female angel with black wings wrapped in a parka-like article of clothing. He described her as beautiful and soft. She had an owl with her and Eric saw her in the night sky with the moon and stars. She fits perfectly: one I am a night person-I can't stand the sun and do not got to sleep any earlier than 1:00 in the morning, also the parka-I can't stand the cold and am wearing a sweater/jumper all the time. Also I have had an affinity for the moon and stars and night creatures (the owl) since I was little.

You may think I am crazy, I don't care but I just had to share this bit of information.
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